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Questions about our Nurse apprentice Program ARPA grant


Eligible facilities for the Nurse Apprentice Program ARPA Grant are limited to the following:

  • Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Critical Access Hospitals
  • State Facilities
  • Non-Profit Hospitals

The Nurse Apprentice Program ARPA grant has three main components for the facility to receive funding:

  • Reimbursement of each Nurse Apprentice’s salary defined at $25.00 per hour
  • Reimbursement of an hourly rate of $3.00 for the Registered Nurse supervising the Apprentice Nurse
  • Availability of funding for a retention/sign-on bonus of up to $4,000 upon graduation and licensure of the Nurse Apprentice to Registered Nurse with proof of employment agreement from the facility.

Additional funding may be available directly to the Nurse Apprentice if the travel distance is over 50 miles one way from home to hospital. This funding will reimburse at the GSA rates for food per diem, mileage, and lodging if needed (with lodging receipt required).

How to get started:

Click on the signup link above and complete your participation agreement and EFT setup

Submit monthly timesheets for your employed student nurse apprentices for EFT payments monthly

Recent News

 During its February 9, 2022 meeting, the Interim Finance Committee approved the Division of Public and Behavioral Health budget request of $20 million in America Rescue Plan Act Coronavirus State Fiscal Recovery Funds to support an expansion of the Nurse Apprentice Program over the next three years.

DPBH granted the subaward to the Nevada Rural Hospital Partners Foundation to develop a online portal to distribute funding to those eligible facilities approved by the IFC and to promote the program to those eligible facilities and to nursing students. Those eligible facilities are Long Term Care facilities, Critical Access Hospitals, State Hospitals, and non-profit hospitals.


questions About nurse apprentice program

How does it work ?

  • Facilities implement a Nursing Apprentice Program and hire nurse apprentice students 
A Nurse Apprentice is an employee of an agency who is currently enrolled in a pre-licensure RN or PN nursing program. The Nurse Apprentice works at a health care facility providing nursing care following the Nevada State Board of Nursing approved skills list (see below). As Nurse Apprentices progress through their nursing programs, their ability to perform more of the approved skills increases. The Nurse Apprentice Program offers students the opportunity to practice their clinical skills and to acclimate to the role of the licensed nurse.

Participating Facilities

  • Carson Valley Medical Center, Gardnerville NV