Do facilities have the ability to teach apprentices skills they have not performed outside of the skills labs at school?2024-03-01T15:04:30-08:00

No. Skills performed as an apprentice nurse must be taught in nursing school. Students are required to bring their current skills list to show the facilities the skills in which they are competent.

Do nursing students need approval from their nursing school to apply for a nurse apprentice position or just coordinate directly with facility?2024-03-01T15:02:21-08:00

Approval is not needed from the nursing school, but the facility will need to verify that the student is enrolled and in good standing with the school. The facility will need to obtain an updated clinical skills list from the school each semester to identify the skills the nurse apprentice can perform while working.

How does a student sign up to be an apprentice at a Nevada facility?2024-03-06T09:56:58-08:00

If a student wants to be an apprentice, they should contact the facility’s human resource department directly to inquire about an open position.

How far into school must a student be in order to apply for an apprentice nurse position?2024-03-06T09:57:12-08:00

Nursing students enrolled in accredited nursing programs are eligible to work as a nurse apprentice at any point while attending school. It is up to each facility to determine their preference as to the length of time and experience a nursing student has completed. Typically, facilities prefer students to have already passed their nursing fundamentals courses, prior to applying for an apprentice position.

Is there a limit to the number of hours a Nurse Apprentice can work?2024-03-06T09:57:26-08:00

No. Nurse apprentices can work any number of hours available at the health care facility. Most nurse apprentices prefer to work per-diem or part-time to work around their school schedules and allow for study time. The schedule is established between the facility and the employee.

What are the benefits of being hired as a Nurse Apprentice?2024-03-06T09:57:32-08:00

This program provides nursing students with the ability to “earn while they learn”. The students will have the opportunity to learn the culture of the health care institution while still enrolled in school, while further practicing the skills they have learned while in school. The students may decide to retain employment at the facility following graduation and licensure as a registered nurse or practical nurse.

What are the benefits of hiring a Nurse Apprentice?2024-03-06T09:57:41-08:00

This program provides additional nursing staff to the health care facility and an opportunity to establish a nursing pipeline. The students will have the opportunity to learn the culture of the health care institution while still enrolled in school. The facility may decide to retain employment of the apprentice following the student’s graduation and licensure as a registered nurse or practical nurse.

What facilities have a nurse apprentice program?2024-03-06T09:57:06-08:00

The following Nevada facilities have formal nurse apprentice programs and have enrolled into the NAP ARPA Grant: https://nap.nrhp.org/map/. The list is updated frequently as more facilities enroll into the grant program.

What is a Nurse Apprentice?2024-03-06T09:57:49-08:00

The Nurse Apprentice is an employee of a health care facility who is currently enrolled in a pre-licensure nursing program. The Nurse Apprentice works at a health care facility providing nursing care following the Nevada State Board of Nursing approved skills list. As the Nurse Apprentice progresses through their nursing program, their ability to perform more skills increases.

What is required to request reimbursement for Nurse Apprentice hours worked?2024-03-06T09:57:19-08:00

The facility will need to submit monthly requests for reimbursement by the 10th of each month through the online portal located at https://nap.nrhp.org/facility-info/. The facility will need to upload documentation such as timesheets, to show the dates/hours the nurse apprentice worked.

What types of facilities are eligible to participate?2024-03-06T09:58:01-08:00

Eligible facilities for the Nurse Apprentice Program ARPA Grant are limited to the following:

  • Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Critical Access Hospitals
  • State Facilities
  • Non-Profit Hospitals
  • Long Term Acute Care Hospitals
When does the grant end?2024-03-06T09:57:55-08:00

Current funding is approved through February 2025.

When it comes to apprentice openings, is there a limited number of apprentice nurses a facility can employ?2024-03-01T15:03:01-08:00

Each facility determines the number of nurse apprentices needed at any given time. It is often fluid, and changes based on current staffing, budget and resources available to accommodate apprentice positions.

Who determines what skills an apprentice nurse can do?2024-03-01T15:01:28-08:00

The nursing student can only perform skills they have been trained in their nursing program. The facility determines which of those learned skills can be performed in the Director of Nursing at the hiring facility ensures the student is competent in the skill. All skills should follow the approved skills list authorized by the Nevada State Board of Nursing.

Who is responsible to keep record of nurse apprentice student skills lists?2024-03-01T15:03:36-08:00

The nurse apprentice provides the list of skills from their school of nursing to the facility’s human resource officer or Director of Nursing. Each semester it is necessary for the facility to have an updated skills list on file for each nurse apprentice hired.

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